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Plum’s® ProtectaCap+Plus®

Plum’s® Craniotomy Protective Helmets make head protection after neurosurgery easy, safe & comfortable.  Plum’s® ProtectaCap+Plus® is the Head Safety Solution™ for Kids & Adults. Lightweight and custom-fitting. Plum’s® Craniotomy Protective Helmets are engineered for optimal staged deceleration of impact energy to help children and adults stay safe and active. It’s the helmet neurosurgeons depend on for our veterans post-combat and post brain surgery.

Plum's® ProtectaCap+Plus® Protective Helmet Protects Veteran Post Neurosurgery

Plum’s® ProtectaCap+Plus® Protective Helmet Protects Veteran Post Neurosurgery

Sam Schoenheit, a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, was wounded in Afghanistan and is undergoing therapy at McGuire Virginia Medical Center. He had a sticker made up to affix to his protective head gear. (Mike Morones/The Free Lance-Star)——4 col, color

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Plum’s® Craniotomy Protective Helmets absorb about 90% of impact energy. That’s more than 4 times more impact absorption and 400% safer than the vinyl-covered and leather helmets.  ProtectaCap+Plus® has a patented, dual-protective core that is so sturdy and dependable, that it can last for years. ProtectaCap+Plus® is unbreakable, cannot crack or be picked apart like the vinyl dipped helmets. And there’s no need to replace it after a fall or impact like plastic helmets.

Plum’s® ProtectaCap+Plus® protective headgear is fully encased in comfortable, breathable cotton stretch twill, putting cotton next to your head, not plastic, vinyl, leather or foam. ProtectaCap+Plus® provides a patented secure, ergonomic fit that will stay put and not slide around on your head. And it’s virtually weightless!

Its patented protective core will not absorb water so ProtectaCap+Plus® is ideal for snow sports and safety near the pool. Plum’s® Plus Pockets™ Covers are removable covers that fully encase ProtectaCap+Plus®.  Plus Pockets™ are easily removed for washing and drying for anti-microbial safety.

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   Plum’s®  Advanced Neurosurgery Protective Helmets for Cranial Surgery 

Headgear for a Patented Breakthrough Technology. ProtectaCap+Plus® Plum’s® Craniotomy Protective Helmets are engineered with a dual protective core for advanced protection against impacts and injuries from falls.Plum's® Shop for ProtectaCap+Plus® Post Surgery Helmets

Sporty. Plum’s® ProtectaCap+Plus® protective helmets are designed in an attractive above-the-ear style in Sizes Small through X-Large, ideal for sports, optimal hearing and personal stereos. Sizes XX-Small & X-Small come in the full head coverage style of ProtectaCap® but with the unique dual protective core of ProtectaCap+Plus®.

Plum's® ProtectaCap+Plus® Fall Protection Helmet for Skiing

Plum’s® ProtectaCap+Plus® Fall Protection Helmet for Skiing

Peace of Mind. ProtectaCap+Plus® protective helmets provides reinforced, dependable protection plus a comfortable, ergonomic fit.

Comfortable. ProtectaCap+Plus® protective headgear is lightweight, comfortable, and completely encased in soft yet sturdy cotton stretch twill. No vinyl, leather or plastic next to the head.

Secure. The top-anchored chin straps of ProtectaCap+Plus® protective helmets ensure the stay-put reinforced protection of forehead, temples, and back of the head.

Budget-Friendly. ProtectaCap+Plus® protective headgear is designed with replaceable PlusPocket™ Covers for cost-effective long wearability.

Facial Protection. ProtectaChin® & Face Guards can easily be added to ProtectaCap+Plus® protective headgear for customized chin and facial protection.

Plum's® ProtectaCap® & ProtectaCap+Plus® Fall Protection Helmets Proven Impact Absorption

Plum’s® ProtectaCap® & ProtectaCap+Plus® Fall Protection Helmets Proven Impact Absorption

ASTM IMPACT ABSORPTION Less is More! The Lower the Number, the Greater the Protection

Compare Plum’s® GMax to the Vinyl-Dipped Helmets: Plum’s range from 141.50 all the way down to 65. Vinyl-dipped helmets test as high as 288.50. That’s how much more impact energy is reaching the head. A Peak G [Gravity] Number Above 200 is Dangerous.

While no protective headgear can guarantee protection from all impacts or injuries, Plum engineers its products with the best materials for safety, dependability, and lightweight comfort. Plum’s protective helmets provide the one-of-a-kind, secure, ergonomic fit.

ProtectaCap+Plus® Sizes XX-Small and X-Small are designed in the full head coverage style of ProtectaCap®, but with the unique dual- protective core of ProtectaCap+Plus®. Sizes Small through X-Large ProtectaCap+Plus® have the sporty, above-the-ear style.

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Don’t Settle for Ordinary Helmets When You Have Extraordinary Needs
Choose Plum’s® ProtectaCap+Plus®

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Plum Enterprises is honored to have the privilege of protecting our veterans post brain surgery with our ProtectaCap+Plus® Neurosurgery Helmets.

CBS News Iraqi War Vet points to where skull is missing under ProtectaCap+Plus® helmet after cranial surgery

CBS News Iraqi War Vet removes ProtectaCap+Plus® helmet to show where skull is missing following cranial surgery

CBS News Iraqi War Vet shows where skull is missing following cranial surgery protected by ProtectaCap+Plus® helmet

     CBS News features Iraqi War Vet post cranial surgery protected by ProtectaCap+Plus® where skull is missing

Facts & Stats

Falls are the leading cause of TBI; rates are highest for children ages 0 to 4 years, and for adults ages 75 years and older.

National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can cause epilepsy and increase the risk for conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other brain disorders that become more prevalent with age.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke National Institutes of Health

Plum's® ProtectaCap+Plus® X-Small Helmets for Babies Plum's® ProtectaCap+Plus® Small Helmets for Toddlers Plum's® ProtectaCap+Plus® Large in Plum ColorPlum's® Large ProtectaCap+Plus® Fall Protection Helmets for Adults

Plum’s® ProtectaCap® and ProtectaCap+Plus® helmets have been prescribed and recommended for craniectomy, craniosynostosis, seizures, cerebral palsy, head banging, balance disorders, postcranial surgery, craniopagus twins, Alzheimer’s, hydrocephalus, shunts, microcephaly, craniotomy, Special Olympics, hemophilia, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, aqua therapy, Huntington’s, hippotherapy, autism, missing bones, and traumatic brain injuries.

Plum’s® ProtectaCap® and ProtectaCap+Plus® protective headgear eliminate these problems:

  • No danger of head rash. Plum’s® protective helmets are hypo-allergenic, latex-free, vinyl- free, fully encased in cotton and cotton-blend fabrics and fully machine-washable. Some vinyl is dangerous for children and has been eliminated in the making of their lunch boxes. Plastic, leather and vinyl helmets can cause cradle cap and eczema and cannot be machine washed for optimal hygiene.
  • No danger of causing a fall due to sliding around, poor fit or heavy shifting weight. Plum’s protective headgear provides a secure, virtually weightless custom fit for all irregular head shapes and sizes. Plum’s lightweight helmets stay put and are ideal for weak neck muscles, balance disorders, the elderly and for children, whose large center of gravity is the head.
  • No danger of breakage. Plum’s® protective helmets are unbreakable for dependability and unsurpassed customer satisfaction– for over 20 years.
    Customers Love Plum's® ProtectaCap+Plus® Protective Helmets
Forgive my writing…. I just wanted to let the staff know you were extremely helpful in choosing the right helmet. I was about to get out of the wheelchair when I had a seizure with no warning. I am told that if I had not had the ProtectaCap+Plus® on, it would have been very serious because I hit the marble floor just above my forehead. It was the first time I hit my head this way. Plus I go to a clinic for chemical sensitivity/environmental illness and that I could tolerate the helmet says a lot. Thank you very much. My doctor says you just saved my life because they didn’t think my skull could survive any more hits. Thank you again.
C. Simank.
Nicole’s ProtectaCap+Plus®, is just beautiful. It’s so comfortable and so lightweight. And it does indeed work very well. Nicole has had several drop seizures since she’s been wearing it, and has had no injury to her head whatsoever. Additionally, it looks so much better than the old heavy foam rubber helmet she was wearing.
J. Driessen
ProtectaCap+Plus® has been perfect for my daughter, Pam. It’s lightweight and wonderful. She wears it all the time when she works as a volunteer, and for Special Olympics in soccer, basketball, and track.
C. Bryant

Plum Enterprises is the sole source designer, manufacturer and provider of ProtectaCap® and ProtectaCap+Plus® Advanced, Custom-Fitting Protective Helmets, ProtectaHip® Original, Award-Winning Hip Protectors, and ProtectaWrap® Ergonomic Protective Splints for Knees, Elbows, Shins and Forearms. Plum®, Protecta®, ProtectaCap®, ProtectaCap+Plus®, ProtectaHip®, ProtectaChin® and all of Plum’s® Product Names are Trademarks of Plum Enterprises, Inc. All of Plum’s® photographs, logos, product designs, website design and content are owned exclusively by Plum Enterprises, Inc. and secured under Copyright, Patent and/or Trademark Laws. No duplication without written consent from Plum Enterprises, Inc.

ProtectaCap®, ProtectaCap+Plus®, ProtectaChin®, ProtectaHip® and ProtectaWrap® have been carefully designed to help reduce the probability of injury from falls and impacts when securely fastened and properly worn. No product can guarantee protection against all impacts or injuries. Plum Enterprises makes no claims that these products will prevent all injuries.

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